In this busy world there often isn’t time to give our homes and offices a really deep clean. A deep clean shouldn’t be restricted to spring, there are many other instances when a deep clean is just what the doctor ordered.

Over time our homes and businesses build up a level of dirt both visible and not visible to the naked eye. Left and this dirt multiplies, bacteria increases and quickly can become airborne which can lead to exacerbating eczema, increasing seasonal allergies, skin irritations, and more.

The average person sheds roughly half an ounce of dead skin every week, which stays in your sheets and becomes prime feeding material for dust mites. Pets contribute to the debris with fur and microscopic bits of dead skin being notorious for causing people to sneeze and sniffle, especially people with pet allergies.

In some areas mould and other debris can build up, in kitchens, bathrooms and basements wreaking havoc on the occupant’s health – exposure can lead to headaches, nasal congestion and nausea, the spores can become airborne and can further exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Even within the drawers of your fridge, they may look clean to the naked eye, but they could be harbouring dangerous microorganisms, including E. coli and salmonella. This can lead to symptoms of food poisoning, in severe cases could lead to kidney failure.

We ensure you always receive a first-class experience, leaving your home or workspace feeling clean, fresh and welcoming. A team of highly experienced handpicked cleaners will address the area to be cleaned, ensuring every mobile piece of furniture is moved and cleaned beneath/behind, skirting boards, dado rails, architrave, mirrors and picture frames will be cleaned.

Attention will be paid to paintwork, windows, ovens, fridges etc we even can arrange for carpets and upholstery to be cleaned.

All our professional staff are given rigorous hygiene training and employ a detailed system of colour coded equipment to reduce any conceivable chance of cross-contamination. Equipment used for toilets, for example, is one colour, kitchens another, to make sure the two are never mixed. This includes mops, buckets, cloths and even the chemicals that are used. It is this attention to detail that demonstrates the lengths to which we go to provide the optimum service.

Other instances when a deep clean may be appropriate include;

  • After a building extension, or work on your home such as decorating.
  • Moving to a new house, either before moving in to your new home or once your furniture has been removed and prior to the new occupants.
  • Rental properties before a change of tenant,
  • Prior to commencing regular cleans
  • If there has been a period where cleaning has not been possible such as ill health

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to discuss your needs from a single room deep clean to an entire house, office area.