The current lockdown has meant that quite a few students have already packed up their accommodation for a long summer break.

Often students will not be returning to the same rental property in September and will need to completely vacate and leave the property as they found it. Tenants who haven’t left their flat or house clean, and in a suitable state for the new tenants, will be at risk of deposit deductions. In fact, the lack of cleaning is one of the biggest causes of deposit deductions.

We offer a professional end of tenancy cleaning service – effective and efficient, we will ensure the property is sparkling ready for the new tenants and take the worry and work away from landlords, students, and their parents! This is particulalry important with the current COVID situation, especially where a property is being prepared for new occupants, who will have no knowledge of those who have lived there previously.

All our staff are given rigorous hygiene training and employ a detailed system of colour coded equipment to reduce any conceivable chance of cross-contamination and use anti-viral products wherever appropriate..

Equipment used for toilets, for example, is one colour, kitchens another, to make sure the two are never mixed. This includes mops, buckets, cloths and even the chemicals that are used. It is this attention to detail that demonstrates the lengths to which we go to provide the optimum service.

Our team will systematically work our way through the property. We will ensure everything has been removed from the cupboards, shelves, fridge etc. The appliances in the kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned including the oven – this is generally the first item to be checked during the inspection process.

We can arrange for the carpets and upholstery throughout to be cleaned and if needed the curtains. The widows, skirting boards and door frames will also be cleaned. Any furniture/pictures will be also be cleaned. In the bathroom surfaces, tiles, mirrors and cabinets will be cleaned. The sink bath and toilet will be cleaned and attention paid to the plug holes. If need be we can add drain cleaner. We use a range of specialist products so can tackle limescale, mildew etc.

End of tenancy cleaning company – cleaning to the required standard

Once Keeping Manchester Clean has worked our magic you will be in a much better position to get your deposit back.

Landlords are within their rights to insist that tenants leave the property in a suitable state for the new tenants or they can deduct the amount necessary to achieve this from your deposit. The easiest way to ensure this is to arrange an end of tenancy cleaning service such as ourselves.

We also work for property owners who are looking to re-let properties and want to reach a certain standard.

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We also offer office cleaning services – more here.