For many the arrival of December is when the preparations for Christmas can seriously begin! However the average woman, and we are not being sexist here its a just statistic we`ve found, spends on average an extra 57 hours to prepare for the festivities. This is on top of what they normally do in the home so many find they simply run out of time!

This is where we come in! Whether you are hosting Christmas day, entertaining during the run up to Christmas or are going away we can ensure the cleanliness of your home is one less thing to think about.

Book us to prepare spare bedrooms for guests, clean dining rooms and kitchens ready for that festive dinner party or/ and arrrange for us to return to restore your home afterwards!

We can clean, iron, change beds, and complete domestic chores such as unpacking the dishwasher. With a colour coded equipment regime mops, cloths and buckets that might be used in one environment such as toilet or kitchen will not be used in another, to ensure cross contamination cannot occur.

We are renowned for our attention to detail and excellent customer service so if you are already benefiting from our services on a regular basis ensure you secure your extra slot asap and if you are looking for a one or two off visit contact us today and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.